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Meet our Board Members

The Clifford Beers Foundation is a charitable organisation registered in the United Kingdom. The Board of the Foundation comprises:

Dr. John Orley

John Orley is a psychiatrist and anthropologist who obtained his qualifications in the United Kingdom and practised in various African countries as well as the UK. He wrote a monograph on culture and mental illness in Uganda and carried out an epidemiological study of mental illness in Uganda. From 1983 he worked for 15 years in the Division of Mental Health of the World Health Organization in Geneva, latterly as the Programme Manager. His areas of responsibility included the place of mental health in primary health care, human rights for the mentally ill, as well as providing support for mental health promotion projects.

Professor Clemens Hosman, The Netherlands

Clemens M.H. Hosman, Ph.D. is Professor of Mental Health Promotion and Prevention of Mental Disorders at the Maastricht University (Health Sciences) and Radboud University Nijmegen (Clinical Psychology), the Netherlands, and Director of the Prevention Research Centre, located at both universities.

Professor Hosman has written extensively published on different aspects of prevention and prevention research including needs assessment methods, goal analysis, prevention theories, international classification of preventive interventions, program evaluation, effectiveness, effect prediction and effect management, prevention of depression, prevention of relationship problems, dissemination of evidence-based model programs, long term policies in prevention and mental health promotion and international collaboration.
He has played a leading role in enhancing European and worldwide collaboration in prevention and mental health promotion: Chair of the European WHO Task Force on Mental Health Promotion and Prevention (1995-1998), Chair of the Clifford Beers Foundation (CBF) on Mental Health Promotion(1996-2000) and is a member of several international networks and committees.

In 2001 Professor Hosman was awarded the 2001 Friend of the Early Career Preventionist Award for his life long work in educating new generations of prevention experts in The Netherlands and other European countries and in 2002 the International Collaborative Prevention Research Award of the Society of Prevention Research.

Michael Killoran Ross, Scotland

Dr. Michael Killoran Ross is Senior Manager for Early Years at Greater Glasgow NHS Board. As part of this role, he is the Project Manager of the Starting Well Health Demonstration Project. A Consultant Clinical Psychologist, he has extensive experience in Community Psychology. In addition to being a Board Member of the Clifford Beers Foundation (The European Centre for Mental Health Promotion), he is on the Editorial Boards of The International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, The Journal of Mental Health Promotion and The Journal of Primary Prevention (USA).

Professor Mark Weist (Chair)

Mark D. Weist received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Virginia Tech in 1991 and is currently a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of South Carolina. He was on the faculty of the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSM) for 19 years where he helped to found and direct the Center for School Mental Health (http://csmh.umaryland.edu), one of two national centers providing leadership to the advancement of school mental health (SMH) policies and programs in the United States. He has led a number of federally funded research grants, has advised national research and policy oriented committees, has testified before Congress, and presented to the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health.  He helped to found the International Alliance for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Schools (INTERCAMHS). Dr. Weist has edited four books and has published and presented widely in the SMH field and in the areas of trauma, violence and youth, evidence-based practice, and cognitive behavioral therapy. With colleagues from the Clifford Beers Foundation and the UMSM, he has started the new journal -- Advances in School Mental Health Promotion.

Dr. Alison Taylor

Dr. Alison Taylor is a Public Health specialist and consultant based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Alison chaired the New Zealand committee that organised the 2005 World Mental Health Conference held in Auckland New Zealand held in partnership with the CLIFFORD Beers Foundation, WFMH and the Carter Centre. As CEO of the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand she led the organisation into a stronger focus on mental health promotion and prevention. More recently she has led the Ministry of Youth Development in New Zealand, which oversees implementation of Youth Development in Aotearoa. Alison has had lead roles in developing the Mental Health Advocacy Coalition NZ, Suicide Prevention Information NZ, and bringing together public health , mental health and most recently youth development approaches with a focus on closer working relationships between communities, NGO’s and government. Her passion is cross sectoral approaches and a focus on population health and wellbeing.

Dr. Jean-François Pelletier

Dr. Jean-François Pelletier is Senior policy and research analyst for the newly established Mental Health Commission of Canada (Strategy Team). Jean-François holds a PhD in political science, and his thesis focused on the Québec Mental Health Policy, also studying how Internet could be used to foster psychosocial rehabilitation and international networking. When doing his doctoral studies, he was a community worker in the eastern part of Montreal. Working for the Association québécoise pour la réadaptation psychosociale, he then was responsible of the service-users’ program, by which people in recovery from all regions of Québec could attend and participate at no cost in major provincial scientific events. At the moment, Jean-François is also a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Postdoctoral Fellow in Knowledge Translation at the Yale University School of Medicine (Program for Recovery and Community Health, L. Davidson, dir.), and at the University of Montreal (Fernand-Seguin Research Centre, Knowledge Transfer Axis, A. Lesage, dir.). His current research initiatives are promoting a user-led participatory action research agenda in mental health.

Dr Julian Dooley

Dr. Julian Dooley

Dr. Julian Dooley is Associate Director at the Sellenger Centre for Research in Law, Justice and Policing at Edith Cowan University. Prior to completing his PhD at the University of Melbourne where he investigated the impact of traumatic brain injury on aggressive and violent behaviours, he worked as a clinical forensic psychologist at the Cleveland Municipal Court Psychiatric Clinic in the USA. His current research is focused on understanding the neural, psychological and social mechanisms behind aggression, bullying and violence, moral reasoning and information processing. In addition, his research focuses on the relationship between technology and behaviour with a particular emphasis on the mental health impact of negative interpersonal relationships. Dr. Dooley's research has been published in a variety of high impact scientific journals and recently won the 2010 Edith Cowan University Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research by an Early Career Researcher. He has been awarded over $2 million in research funds. In 2009 he authored a comprehensive review of cyber-safety risks for the Australian Government, which informed the Government's cyber-safety plan. Dr. Dooley has more than 70 invited and peer-reviewed lectures and is currently a member of the Advisory Council of the National Centre Against Bullying and a member of the Editorial and Scientific Board of the Journal of CyberTherapy and Rehabilitation. In addition, he is a Board Member of the Injury Control Council of Western Australia, a Board Member of the Community Link and Network, Western Australia, a Board Member of the Clifford Beers Foundation, a member of the Research Sub-Committee of Healthway, a member of the Human Research Ethics Committee at Edith Cowan University and a member of the National Coalition on Children's Resilience and Mental Health. He is a member of the Australian University Cyber-bullying Research Alliance and the International Observatory on Violence and Schools.

Michael Murray (Chief Executive)

Michael Murray is Chief Executive of The Clifford Beers Foundation.

He has acted as a member of the Experts Committee of the European Commission, was chair of the Organising Committee for the second World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and the Prevention of Mental Disorders, and has sat on national and international advisory bodies.

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